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Mon, 30 Sep 1996 21:12:02 -0400

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> From: Arthur Battram <apb@cityplex.demon.co.uk>
> Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 15:50:47 +0100

> so phil's 'the rejection and dumping of past learning' becomes the
> deselection of a selectablething; its not dumped [ie-thrown out or erased]
> nor is it rejected, anymore than the shirts I'm not wearing right now are
> 'rejected': they are just not selected today, because they are not
> appropriate for the weekend
> so unlearning becomes deselecting. this works for me because we often
> 'revert to type under pressure, forgetting the way[s] we have more
> recently learnt
> ....


A couple of thoughts: First, I agree with the view that learning is akin
to evolution, and I like your "deselecting" terminology - it's close to
what I said about "attachment". Second, your point about "reverting to
type under pressure" is right on target - our hold on new learning takes
effort and is relatively tenuous, compared to older learning. Lastly, I
think we must also recognize that _some_ real forgetting takes place: in
evolutionary terms some species become extinct and their unique genes are
lost (unless built up again somehow).



Jeff Brooks <BrooksJeff@AOL.com>

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