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Michael McMaster comments and asks:

>Jack's example of learning to juggle as learning to learn is the kind
>of things that creates a presence beyond a concept. It can be very
>My question is, did you provide them with a model for learning to
>juggle or just let them figure out how to learn (and coach others) on
>their own?
>A model of a few simple instructions (or actions) will speed the
>whole process and provide a presence of how models can support a
>group process where understanding that translates into action is

I did not lead this process. A consultant/trainer, with whom we designed
the course and who delivered it, began day one with a demonstration of
juggling. He amplified with an anecdote about how he had come to learn
the skill, and how that had helped him develop his belief that anyone can
learn anything. Then he challenged the group. He suggested some possible
strategies for practice and for mutual support, and he made himself
available during non-class hours for individual coaching if desired. He
was very specific about each person determining their own strategy for
learning, because one of the "messages" of the week was that people differ
in HOW they learn, and that those of us who want to facilitate learning
need to take those factors into account when we design and execute our
"instructions". Other activities during the week included trust
exercises, MBTI quick version, "tricks of the trade" and lots of practice,
including group presentations.

In my opinion, the most important contribution he made to learning to
juggle was his preparation for "dropping the ball", the most common
frustration of beginning jugglers. Using little bags of sand was an
inspiration, since they don't bounce or roll away. Anyone who has learned
using balls will understand what I'm talking about here.


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