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Fri, 20 Sep 96 09:27:10 EST

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Responding to Jeff Brooks request:

> First, as I began posting to the LO board, I wondered how people in
> the business world viewed psychologists and mental health
> practitioners in general..... As I am thinking about shifting into
> the business world (perhaps going to school for an MBA), I would
> very much appreciate a sense of the preconceptions I would run
> into. (If anyone else would like to respond, too, I'd welcome it.)

I took my BA in psyhology in the late 70's and offer these comments to
you. First you will have a lot of 'unlearning' to do. The world of
psychology is full of theories that often don't fit the realities of
the business world (they do fit if you have a chance to really analyze
things, but if you analyze things too much you lose...).

Secondly, one of the fastest growing parts of education is MBA school.
Lots of people are returning to school because they are disatisfied
with their original career choice. Others are discovering the joy of
self-learning and self-discovery and expanding their career and life
horizons in that way. MBA school is not the only way to shift into
the business world. We can talk offline about that if you're

Third and last, if you're disatisfied with your current
something. The moment of time on this planet are too short and we can
never get them back. As the book goes...Do What You Love and The
Money will Follow....and if it doesn't you're happier doing what you

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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