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Gray, Lyle (lyle.gray@midata.com)
Wed, 18 Sep 96 13:39:00 PDT

How do we determine the answer to the question of, "are we doing the right
things, right", in an organization? I am particularly interested in the
first line evaluations of this question as well as across organizational
boundaries. Higher level dialog gets into the strategy and game plan of
the organization, and much has been written about that topic. I suspect
that 30% or more of what an organization does is the wrong things, right.
In other words we do a great job at something that the organization does
not really need or can afford to continue. (Ie a perfect 1 week effort for
a report that no one uses) What tools, techniques, and processes exist for
working through this type of evaluation.

Any books, articles, experts, web sites pertaining to this or a similar
topic is appreciated.

By way of introduction, I am an executive at a technology firm in the
Midwest, who has moved form my line management position to lead a
"transformation team" This is a 5 member, cross functional, team of senior
and mid level managers who are missioned with making our organization more
"learning, change able, re-engineered, better processed, etc." We have
been at it for 5 months and find our work is really just beginning. A
couple of terms coined thus far through this effort are, "abandoned
escalation" and " mindset of scarcity". Being a true knowledgebase firm we
are also dealing with the tight market for software skilled individuals.
The first hand education for our team on organizational issues is amazing!

Lyle Gray


"Gray, Lyle" <lyle.gray@midata.com>

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