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>Roxanne Abbas wrote...

>They have asked me to try to locate other social service organizations who
>are developing Competency Based HR Systems. Do any of you have a lead for

A number of commercial software products are currently available. One
with which I am quite familiar is the Success Factor Profiling system,
developed by Success Factor Systems. The software was actually developed
by Rick Mirabile, PhD and is based upon his 10+ years of research in the
domain of competency-based HRD. I first encountered the software while I
was with NCR (AT&T GIS) and we are currently planning to deploy the
software within AT&T Solutions.

The application includes integrated modules for the following functions:

> Process Mapping / Task Analysis
> Job Profiling (competency modeling)
> Person Profiling (self and multi-rater assessment)
> Staffing / Recruiting (behaviorally anchored interview questions)
> Development Planning (education and otj learning)
> Performance Management (supporting 360 feedback)
> Leadership Analysis
> Succession Planning

In short, it's the most comprehensive and integrated software application
supporting competency modeling I've seen. For more information, please
contact them directly at:

Success Factor Systems, Inc.
One Embarcadero Center, Suite 2260
San Francisco, CA 94111
phone: 415.394.0300
fax: 415.394.0740

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