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Kate ... Brain-writing is a very effective technique for generating ideas.
The most common method involves a sheet of paper with 7 rows
of three squares on it. The group doing the brainstorming has
one sheet of paper for each person plus an extra. Each person
picks up a sheet of paper, writes an idea in each box of the
first empty row.

That sheet is placed in a place central to all the brainstormers
and the person picks up a new sheet. As each person picks up
a different sheet they see the ideas of other people and those
ideas trigger new ideas. Since this is an anonymous process,
it avoids many of the problems of brainstorming sessions when
there are "experts" or senior people in the group who intimidate
the flow of ideas.

Two sources of more info:

Idea Power by Arthur B. VanGundy (one of the leading experts in
idea generation processes)
Transformation Thinking by Joyce Wycoff (has a short chapter
devoted to this technique)

Hope this helps.

Joyce Wycoff


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