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Replying to LO9956 and LO9922 --

In a way I want to confirm Jean Marie's statement that little on Action
Learning is available in the States. I have done some literature search
myself. I teach a course called Action Research, and am continually
seeking information. I've tried to distinguish Action Learning, Action
Science, and Action Research, and, in many ways, they are alike.

Books in Print reveals dozens of titles. Most, however, are from
education and sociology. Scott Zimmerman and I were prompted to begin a
monograph on the subject (which is NOT done) because of the dearth in
business-related and organizational application, and our belief in the
genuine need and value. We have begun assembling references and notes,
and look forward to publishing something soon.

You'll certainly want to enroll in the Action Research Network available
through the internet (see

We would also eagerly receive pertinent articles and references on AR, AL,
and AS.

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