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Michael McMaster (Michael@kbddean.demon.co.uk)
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Replying to LO9894 --

Deming has not shown, in any conclusive way, that

> > individual performance cannot be
> >separated from the performance of the system and for this reason
> >Performance Appraisal cannot be done. From this can we go on to say
> >that any form of judgment cannot be done.

And the conclusion will not stand at all.

Individual performance can be distinguished within a system. Appraisal
and performance within a system can be usefully applied. Just because any
individual performance occurs in a system and is strongly influenced by
the system, does not invalidate individual appraisal. For this
declaration to be valid, there would have to be no difference in
performance of different individuals in the same system - and this is
clearly not the case.

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