Awards for Years of Service LO9931
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 20:36:26 -0400

I work for a nationwide company of about 900 employees. For the past 15
years we have awarded employees for years of service at 5 year intervals.
The award includes a choice of a proze from a catalog and an offsite
celebration, usually dinner or lunch.

The company would like change this process and no longer put emphasis on
years of service. Would would not necessarily eliminate acknowledgement
but would shift the reward to something the company perceives as more
important, size as exceptional performance. This has led to a very
emotional response from the many employees that feel years of service is
important and do not see the value of shifting this paradigm. The
company, however, sees the need to shift the emphasis but not what to
shift the emphasis to.

I would value any comments or experiences that other companies may have
had in this area.

Woody Davis


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