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Replying to LO9781 --

In LO9781, I made reference to organizations that are experiencing
relatively little change.

Martin Wood ( in an E-mail message to me asked
for further information about these businesses. I suppose Martin is
incredulous that such businesses exist?

Of course, I don't mean to suggest that these organizations experience no
change. But the pace is such that they really have no problems adjusting.
These are some of the conditions which appear to dampen the rate of

- organizations which have achieved a comfortable niche with no
immediately threatening competition, usually entrenched in a local market
which they are able to satisfy, with lots of customer loyalty.

- small businesses, usually privately owned, which have kept the lid on
expansion in spite of temptation.

- manufacturers of products which are mature yet showing no sign of being

These organizations should be vigilant, but at the moment, coping with
change is definitely not one of their problems.

The question that I was raising is whether our pre-occupation with rapid
change (in literature, consultant advice, in discussion lists) and the
assumption that everyone is struggling with it, makes it difficult for
these organizations to relate to what is being said about current
organization affairs.

I don't know the answer to the question. Are there any list members out
there who feel that their stable environment is misunderstood, neglected,
misled, etc.?



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