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>The idea of "refreezing" implies that there will be a period when the new
>approach will work just fine until it is again necessary to "unfreeze" but
>the rate of change would suggest that these periods of being frozen are
>rapidly disappearing, and the progressive management will be always open
>to new approaches and evolution rather than ever getting stuck in their
>paradigms again.

I agree entirely with this viewpoint, Keith. But I cannot avoid some sense
of nostalgia for the days when my clients would tell me how, through my
presentation of Lewin's Force Field Theory with Freezing and Unfreezing,
they came to understand more clearly than ever before the nature of change
in the organization.

Perhaps its more than nostalgia. I recently came to the realization that
there are quite a few businesses which are not facing the degree or speed
of change that we continually talk about, or which are not finding it as
difficult as we think they should to cope with change. I wonder if the
change paradigm, adopted by most consultants and business seminar leaders,
is rendering them less useful to those businesses which are encountering
only the rate of change of many years ago.

Just a thought


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