Role of Evaluation in LO LO9753

Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
05 Sep 96 00:29:25 EDT

Replying to LO9747 --

Hal, in response to Keith on evaluation distinguishes between formative
and summative evaluation.

Formative evaluation is a chance to take a deep breath and ask, "Where
have we been? What have we learned? Where do we want to go now?"
Therefore, I believe it can be done without disempowering anyone
(admittedly this leans heavily toward idealism).

== end quote ==

This distinction which I learned from educators is an excellent one. In
reality the two kinds -- formative and summative -- overlap and in some
cases replace each other. Nevertheless, formative, which can range from
seat of the pants to pretty structured, is a very effective way of
assessing with an intention of refining performance and actions.


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