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On Thu, 29 Aug 1996, Bill Hendry wrote:

> I'm certianly not an expert on this area, however we are in the midst of a
> shift in the scientific world view. We are going from a world of
> measuring things to a world of measuring relationships (not easy to do).
> Fritjof Capra (I think) said something about what is most measurable is
> what is real - so maybe our quest to measure is to find out what is real -
> some assurance that we are doing the right thing?
> The Hiezenberg (sp?) Principle says when we measure we alter - so what
> does this say about evaluation?

Certainly we would all like assurance that we are doing the right thing.
While evaluation can't do that, I believe it can help us decide if we're
doing what we intended.

It is true that when we measure we alter, however, the same is true for
any action we take. Perhaps we could broaden the principle: to act is to

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