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I V N S Raju (ivnsr@anand.nddb.ernet.in)
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 12:41:22 +0530

Replying to LO9555 --

Some people in organisation always crib about the way in which the
organisation is being managed. They also criticise thoroughly the
policies and systems adopted by the organisation. I hear people saying
"this is a hopeless organisation, it is a sinking ship, no reengineering
or restructuring can change this, we need different bosses to guide this
organisation, people here are busy saving their skins, people at the helm
of the affairs cannot be innovative and creative and so on..... and

What astonishes me is that the same people when promotions/rewards were
given to them they accept them without any complaint. And infact they
keep on trying for appeasing the higher ups in a very secret and indirect
way so that their name is included in the list of promotions/rewards. At
the same time, these people indulge in advising others to look for other
job opportunities. I believe that this kind of people do exist in every
organisation in one way or other. The only thing that organisation can do
to stop increasing the number of such people is to HELP them, HELP them
and HELP them to realise how their behaviour impacts others and
themselves. Such help can only be given by another set of people in the
organisation who are seen as role models. I also believe that these role
models do exist in organisation. Of course the number would depend on the

Individuals can also HELP themselves by posing the following questions to

Am I capable of confronting the systems and policies? If not, in what way
can I, atleast, influence them by using my job?

Am I not satisfied with my present job? If yes, can I try for another and
leave the present one as soon as I get it.

Even after trying for another job, if I do not get one how am I going to
satisfy myself as long as I am in the present job? What is it that
satisfies me? Where and how can I get it?

What purpose does blaming management serve?


With love

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