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> I'm about 1/2 way through a book recommended to me. I've been so
> impressed by the concepts and words in this book I put a paragraph on
> my homepage. It's called 'ATLAS SHRUGGED' by Ayn Rand.

That book was recommended to me also; however, I choose
"Fountainhead" instead, maybe because it was only about 500 pgs. That
was in 1979, I think. It's the last book I remember putting a lot of
other things out of the way to read. One friend said that he read it
at stoplights.

> I'm not going to try to expand upon any of the concepts presented,
> except to emphasize it puts a lot of emphasis on individual
> responsibility and ability to build organizations with purpose.

Ayn Rand's philosophy does not seem to be esteemed by philosophers.
Her stories characterize people to make a point; however, the
characterizations may not be universal. All "altruistic" people may
not be like she said. Then again, there may be forms of benefitting
others that has meaning that she did not acknowledge (at least not
in "Fountainhead"). Dostoevsky also characterized people; however,
the conflicts and sorrows overcome by love that his books portray is
not as easy a target as "smart he-men who get the girl". I get the
impression that she wanted the strong to be strong and keep it to

On the other hand, the learning organization. "Hey Jim, did You
notice that tremor? Yes, I did. What do You suppose it could be? I
don't know, though we probably ought to call environmental support
and check the history files. Call Bev also. I'm sure she'd like to
know we're not sleeping."

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