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The above thread was started way back in August by Rick. I had difficulty
in responding directly to query stated then. I have missed a few, but in
general have read with interest the many contributions to this thread. I
just want to add a dimension to the question raised earlier.

Most organisations have stories, good and bad, evil and ugly. Reading
about empowerment, LO, TQM, HRD and what not adds to the misery. It
hightens the deficiencies. They do tell us about the good and high points
of organisations. However, this thread was to highten life in
organisations, so as to raise issues that may be hidden or unseen, that we
may bring to our awareness issues that are under the carpet.

The difficulty I had was that while there is no perfect system, as many
have pointed out in this thread, the life in organisations pale into
insignificance, when life in the unorganised world(people unemployed or
left to fend for themselves) is considered. In comparison, in our
country, life in organisations are a heaven, however miserable it may be.
People in organisations can count their blessings.

What I see is that, while the kinks in the organisation are real and most
have learnt to adopt to it, what is sadder is that the misery around us
outside the organisations have also been accepted as status quo.
Inequality of opportunity, resourse distribution, illiteracy,
infrastructure, income for the same
work,housing,sanitation,nutrition,health facility, etc.

Though this posting is out of the topic under discussion, just a reaction.
I think it is related.

Thomas P Benjamin

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