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Thomas P Benjamin (
Tue, 3 Sep 1996 13:24:31 +0530

Replying to LO9608

BBC - Ben B Compton had given his views that the Govt. system demands the
behaviour. I agree. It seems logical for the politicians to behave as the
system demands. What confuses me is, from the learning organisation point
of view, what should I learn from this? If I were the politician, should I
behave as the system expects even if the behaviour is dysfunctional? The
price I pay is I don't get elected even if I have all other credentials?
Or, am I making the wrong assumption. That is, the politicians behaviour
is right. We must behave as the system requires of us, even if it is wrong
or dusfunctional in the long run.

Please note, this query has nothing to do with politicians behaviour. It
is applicable in organisational settings as well. Any suggestions, Ben or
others? Thankyou.

Thomas P Benjamin
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