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Wed, 29 May 1996 07:53:03 -0400

In LO7568, dated 96-05-25, Rol writes:

>Speaking only for myself, no. My paradigm is that if I embrace these LO
>concepts, my people will become more effective, and their performance will
>dramatically improve. This will cause my boss to recognize how brilliant
>I am because no one else has ever been able to achieve such results.
>Furthrmore, my boss's boss will recognize my performance, and will begin
>to wonder...

I believe Rol describes a facilitative style of leadership. A team of
people, without a leader may make some achievements. However, if their
efforts are facilitated effectively, they will perform better collectively
towards the aim of the organization. They keyword is "effective". I have
not encountered very many who have mastered facilitation. Some continue
to want to control, while others distance themselves as much as possible.
Somewhere in between, lies the balance of empowerment.

Because of my school schedule, I had to unsubscribe for a couple of
months. For those who don't know me, I am a Product Designer with GM with
a strong interest in LO, and Deming among other things. I subscribe to
this list and the Deming Electronic Network (DEN) and enjoy both
thoroughly. Both are helping me to practice being open-minded and to
appreciate the value of diversity.

Diane Korzeniewski



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