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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
23 May 96 07:08:19 EDT

Replying to LO7548 --

Bill asks,

Does the group share this train of thought?

If I as a manager embrace these LO concepts--->my people will become
smarter and more effective--->which leads to my boss asking the question,
"Why do I need a manager anymore?"--->so I will find any reason possible
not to embrace these concepts (resistance to change) or to hunt for
evidence of them not working. Perhaps guaranteeing a place for
supervisors and managers within an organization striving to change is what
is needed, so people don't feel like they are "working themselves out of
their jobs.

Speaking only for myself, no. My paradigm is that if I embrace these LO
concepts, my people will become more effective, and their performance will
dramatically improve. This will cause my boss to recognize how brilliant
I am because no one else has ever been able to achieve such results.
Furthrmore, my boss's boss will recognize my performance, and will begin
to wonder...

Furthermore, suppose I actually did work myself out of a job. There are
lots of jobs where, under the right circumstances, a manager is
unnecessary. I still think my proven ability to motivate people and
deliver performance will oblige the company to consider me a strong asset,
one which they will want to move to a troubling area that needs just the
skills I have. I still don't lose.


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