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Replying to LO7632 --

I would like to point out something further not only about "Western
thought" but more general cultural difference both within and without
the West.

In the UK, I was recently taken aside by a manager who was supporting
my work in his company. He pointed out to me that the fear and lack
of confidence that I was noticing may have valid roots that I wasn't
aware of. He said that in the UK the average manager - and he was
going quite high up in his organisation - had no savings and a
pension that would mean something only if that person stayed with the
same company for a lifetime. He contrasted this with America where
the average manager has a quite comfortable amount of money - even if
only house equity - to tide them over if absolutely necessary.

I was stopped in my tracks in realising how much I take for granted
about people's living conditions when they are from my own culture
(Canadian) and personal background.

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