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This is a correction to my previous message - dates should read 1992 - 1995
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>An introduction first: - I'm Sue Starr, Yellowknife, NWT, Canada. I was
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>Senior quality advisor (1982 - 1985) for a northern Telephone Company
>(small in size, but large in territory) in Canada during the initial
>introduction of Quality Improvement, particularly following W.E. Deming's
>philosophy. I'll be leaving the Company at the end of this year, by my own
>choice, after what seems to be the standard restructuring process in North
>America. We (the company) are now beginning to apply the principles of
>LO, using our application of Deming's theories as a foundation. I've been
>lurking for a couple of weeks and now feel a need to respond to the idea
>of personal change.


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