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On Mon, 20 May 1996 21:20 Fred Nickols writes in part -

> Joan Pomo writes, in part:
> >In the U.S., at one point over 30% of us were employed in
> >agriculture and now it is less than 3% even though we produce
> >far more agricultural products than ever.
> A little more than a dozen years ago, I had occasion to dig
> into the statistics regarding workforce distributions as well as
> look at some then current studies. The numbers tell a story
> of interest to us all.

> Can the ranks of service workers swell to accommodate future
> displacements? Perhaps. Let us at least hope so. But what kind
> of world will that be? Looks pretty grim to me.

What kind of world? I would say that it will be more varied, more
prosperous, more closely knit, more healthy, more knowledgeable, and
more of everything which mankind is attempting to produce. That is
the history and that is what is going on today. The changes just in
this century have been nothing short of astounding. I see nothing
grim except those who are grim about inexorable change. Jobs will
change, but what's new about that?

I do see grimness in the way governments continue to try to turn us
into slaves to their power rather than to serve us, but then there is
nothing new about that either. Fortunately, we have increased
abilities to escape their tyrannies through technology.

The Sky is NOT Falling and the future is brighter than ever, Joan
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