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One approach to "the organisation of learning organisations" which
resonates with me and seems similar in thinking to what Roberto has
offerred is to look at the organisation of conversations.

The principles of redundancy, recombination, connection, enrolment,
intention, freedom, choice, responsibility, self-similarity and
distribution are key elements in my organisational design. Also, theory,
values and basic principles combined with metaphor for understanding are
an essential part.

Intelligence is a function of organisation. Organisation is a matter or
networks of relationships that form patterns.

There will be teams - project or otherwise - but it is the connections and
relationships of these teams that are key. If these are designed around
accountable conversations which are accessible to the whole in some way,
then an organisation begins to appear that is consistent with a design
FROM learning rather than one which starts with an existing design and
tries to figure out how to get it to work well as a learning organisation.

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