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Dr Ilfryn Price (
Sat, 18 May 1996 13:42:31 -0400

Personally scanning -reading some messages and replying tosome - then
deleting digests works for me, except for saving messages. Occassionally,
as now, it is hard to go back and check an original title when something
occurs too late.

The other problem I face is savers. Whole digests saved for one or two
messages are difficult. as is cut and splice. Hence a question. Could the
server that enables the list be set up to request copies. I.e could it be
made to respond to a *copy LO 9999* or a *copy >thread name>* message.
Just a thought.

[Host's Reply: To If and others... This must be a common problem, and
there are software solutions for your computer which will help. I use
OnLocation and MailKeeper on the Mac to keep track of small text files
(e.g. msgs). I don't know the Windows products. You certainly don't want
to keep a complete digest in order to save one msg; the big file won't
help you find what you want later.

As to getting copies of earlier msgs, they are in the LO web pages, and
this is my best shot at providing a universally accessable mechanism. If
you point your web browser to the LO page for a given month, you'll find
the month's msgs indexed by Author, Subject, Thread, and Date (chron).

If you're not sure what month (say for a past msg), try the Lycos or
AltaVista search catalogs of the web, using the msg "Subject" line or
author's name.

Sorry, the specific requests you mention are not supported by the
mailing list software I'm using, but I think the web pages will do the
trick. The URL is


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