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Back when I was trying to be a consultant I read a book titled "The
Consultant's Calling," I forget the author. I remember it being wise and
compassionate about the various ethical pitfalls, although I don't remember
details. Anybody else know about this book?

You know, on some level outside consultants are playing "therapist" to an
organization, and therapists to individuals have all sorts of
rules-of-thumb (and maybe codified rules as well) about which clients to
take, what guidelines to establish at the outset, how to relate to
colleagues, how to deal with clients refusing recommendations, refusing to
pay, etc. Maybe we could learn some things from them.

I don't want to push this analogy too far, but maybe the constraints of
inside consultants are similar to therapists/social workers who work
through a social service agency and don't get to pick their clients?

Anybody with experience as a clinical psychologist or social worker want to
speak to this?

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