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Replying to LO7466 -- Was: a student's perspective

> If we are a LO to be more effective as an organization how do we
> target the learning toward subjects that make us more effective?

> It appears to me that one of the consistent themes of this list as we
> discuss some of the problems (For instance, state of the schools) is that
> its not the individual's or the organizations fault -- its the *system*!
> Well, how does a LO tackle learning about the system and the leverage
> points by which the system can be changed to a more friendly system?

Recently someone asked me to review a WWW site having to do with
systems thinking, and I was glad to do so. I realized during the
visit that I don't have much faith in systems thinking, You know, the
persuasion that "if You stick with systems thinking, it will get you

I believe in action at a distance in time, in cycles, lack of
understanding, abundance of data, benefit of work and that tools are
necessary. But I don't have any experience that says that archetype
systems thinking is insightful, verifiable, and providing
understanding that has no parallel (nonpareil)? Let me add that I
don't mean that systems thinking is lacking insight or that it is NOT
verifiable, only that I don't have experience of its benefit.

John Sterman from MIT quoted Peter Senge in the "Fieldbook" that
systems thinking archetypes are like training wheels and Sterman said
that really evaluating a system mentally would require solving
differential equations in one's mind.

Have others seen archetypes or other Uses of systems thinking where
the viewpoint made answers evident that wouldn't seem likely from
general observation?

Going with Bill's question about learning that increases
effectiveness, I like increased ability and part of the ability is
technical. Systems thinking seems to be the most technical vantage
point of "learning organizations". Would anyone want to add to
these comments?

Have a nice day
John Paul Fullerton


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