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I think that part of the issue that revolves around the pace of change
relates to "where is the change coming from?" If change is being injected
for the sake of change, then I would believe that perhaps the organization
would need to not slow down, but maybe catch its collective breath and
figure out the answer to "why?"

If the problem is keeping up with change that is coming down onto the
organization (customers, needs, technology, external influences, then I
would think that the organization needs to speed up, not try to slow down.
Change is accelerating exponentially. We just decide to buy the newest
technology, but by the time we cut through all the paperwork, the
technology is not the latest anymore. Just when we think we understand
the customers and their needs, they change. The changes seem to be coming
faster than we can imagine; but if we try to slow down, we will be run

We must learn skills that will enable us to be more flexible, more able to
deal with change. The organizations who are able to learn will be the
organizations that will survive.


>When is the pace of change "too fast"? I work in a retail setting where
>too much time is wasted because of constant changes in instruction..
>neither employees or shoppers can benefit from the whims of the edict
>issuers. The customer can't find the product in the same place the next
>time they come in, neither can the employees in some instances! How can
>this company benefit from "slowing down"?

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