Large Group Process LO7374
Fri, 10 May 1996 19:36:39 -0400

Replying to LO7172 --


There are (at least) two excellent references and lots of additional
resources for those who want to learn about the future search process.
Read Marv Weisbord''s and Sandra Janoff's new handbook " Future Search"
published this year by Berrett Koehler. Here you'll find the generic
design for future searches. Marv's earlier book, "Discovering Common
Ground" is a wonderful compilation of about 35 future searches conducted
around the world; lots of solid theory and applications can be found in
this book. A still earlier book, "Productive Workplaces," also by Marv,
(see Chapter 14) puts future search in the context of "whole systems"
interventions and sociotechnical systems thinking.

Also, if your work is with nonprofits, you can call SearchNet and ask for
Maria Mitros. SearcNet is a member organization of consultants and
organizations who are using/doing action research, with future searches.
They have a large data base on FS and lots of information.

Don Shapiro,


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