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Barry Mallis (
10 May 1996 08:39:29 -0400

Reply to: RE>Virtual Teams Inquiry LO7319

Wow, John, I smell a challenge in your words, but I can't put my finger on
it exactly.

Are you saying that we talk around, to and from a same learning principle
being dissected, and that the dialog (at best) is not then demonstrated in
practical terms? That is, we (I quote your post) "get enough data", but
we actually don't get around to "write [our] thesis"?

We certainly do blab a lot on this list. I know I do!! And I have
conversed with cyberfriends who manifest frustration at a lack of, how
shall I say, actionable items (I mean REALLY actionable items you can go
to the next roomful of people and try out 1,2,3). But...

We're here, too, for stimulation of thoughts. Like going to see Macbeth
or Much Ado, and walking away wiser for it back into your own life.

Maybe I haven't said a damn thing here!

But best regards in any case,


Barry Mallis TQ Resource Manager MARKEM Corporation Keene, NH U.S.A.

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