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Rick Karash write:

[Host's Note: Virtual teams can be learning organizations, and I believe
that organizational learning can benefit from effective electronic
support. Discussion about these topics is quite welcome here on the
Learning Org list. ...Rick]

Thank you, Rick. Do you think virtual teams are necessarily learning
orgs by their nature? Can you be a virtual team and *not* learn. So
that's one stream of questions running through my mind. The other is
about the technology. Larry Ercolino at Unisys told me his candidate for
most effective virtual team. Basically it only uses e-mail.
Is the low-high tech (is this a word?) solution the best for some
virtual teams?

And...thanks to the people who are forwarding my request to others.
We're getting back some really great stuff, pointers to web sites,
lists, articles, etc. For an incredible experience try a search engine
with the words "virtual teams." I got 200k citations, the first 20
or so of which were absolutely right on target.


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