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Here is something I am really wrestling with today....

How does the consulting community function?

Do we perpetuate the very systems we criticise....

So we create the fads - by dreaming up new ones and trying to use other
people's when we barely understand them??!!

Am I on another planet???

Why can't we create a community of consultants that really make a
difference in organisations and act ethically in the process - now I
*know* there are lots of them out there.... so please don't shout at me
and say you are one... I want to create something recognisable.

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No Julie you are not.

There are short answers - pay the bills and everything - laws of supply
and demand.

But deeper than that, many of us in the consulting game are perhaps there
because we like and believe in our particular fads. Yes we sell them but
we also 'believe' them. Our minds are so infected that we have a hard time
listening for others who may do the same thing under a different guise, or
who may have a more appropriate solution.

One comparison that comes to mind is with medical practitioners before the
scientific understanding of medicine had reached something like its
current level. Some were snake oil salesmen. Other believed they did
indeed have 'the answer'.

We have spent in our partnership three years wrestling with the community
issue you describe - and have not solved all of it, nor kept everybody who
first joined in.

Opening ones own mind to those one might collaborate with is a first
tentative step to practice.

The topic interest me Julie. If you want to talk further call or mail me.

If Price
The Harrow Partnership
Pewley Fort Guildford UK


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