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[Host's Note: I held this for a day thinking I'd be able to find the
exact reference, but... Maybe someone else can provide. There was a
second article by the primary authors of the "Balanced Scorecard" in one
of the last couple issuse of the HBR. The first article was a couple of
years ago. ...Rick]

>There's a marvelous HBR article, for which I don't have the reference
>handy (it fitures), entitled "Balanced Scorecard," which provides what
>seem to be some real sound ideas on the value of multi-dimensional
>evaluations. Multi-dimensional evaluations assist us in avoiding myopia,
>and the movement of problems from one place to another. And I understand
>there's a book comping out this fall by the same title, "Balanced
>Scorecard," not Myopia.

I have seen some work done with this in an oil compnay and it seemed a
very useful tool....

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