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Wed, 8 May 96 09:03:11 -0700

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Michael McMaster said:

I suggest that "focus on the customer" is not a particularly good
focus for anything much. What I offer in its place is "focus on the
marketplace". This will ensure that existing customers get their
focus - because they are the part of the marketplace that you have
direct access to - but will widen horizons for a much more strategic

Your customers are only a tiny fraction of the marketplace and do not
necessarily a part of your future marketplace - unless that has been
your major focus.


As an alternative to Michael's view, at HP, we are beginning to roll out an
initiative called "Quality 1-on-1." At its core are attitudes and processes
that encourage and enable individuals inside the company to relate and work
with individual customers and consumers.

We still, of course, do all the appropriate macro-market planning and
segmentation, but we think it's valuable and necessary to work with real
people in addition to the numerical abstractions that come from marketing
and planning models.

Joe Podolsky


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