Ultimate Truths are unknowable LO7277

John Woods (jwoods@execpc.com)
Tue, 07 May 1996 19:38:06 -0500

Replying to LO7249 --

To go along with what Jackie Mullen said about Prussian Blue and the pure
subjectivity of it all, I have often told people "I can't tell you the
truth; all I can do is tell you why I can't tell you the truth." Another
thing I sometimes tell people is, "You're absolutely right, and I
completely disagree with you." Both statements are meant to get people
thinking about the subjectivity of it all.

Personal understanding or truth is about personal relationships and a
personal sense of order that guides our individual learning and behavior.
Our gift is the ability to know this, not just of ourselves, but of others
as well. We may come to common agreement that we each have a personal
sense of order, that may overlap somewhat, but never completely. Knowing
this, we can accommodate one another. We can acknowledge each other's
individual versions of the truth and by so doing create an environment
where we are acknowledged in return.

John Woods


John Woods <jwoods@execpc.com>

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