Ultimate Truths are unknowable LO7249

Jacqueline Mullen (J.Mullen@agora.stm.it)
Tue, 7 May 1996 10:17:04 GMT

Replying to LO7211 --


I didn't quite get the whole gist of your comment. Anyway, here's
an analogy:

I think the "ultimate truth" of color is "unknowable". Perhaps we
can all come to agreement over what gradation of shade each of us
understands as Prussian Blue, but there is no way to assure ourselves
that, in fact, we are all seeing exactly same color. The experience of
color is subjective. However, being that we are all humans and embody the
experience of color sensation in, more or less, the same way, we can be
pretty confident that our experience of Prussian Blue will not stray too

I, personally, wax lyrical about our common experience of color
sensation and relish the richness in sharing stories about our unique
interpretations of Prussian Blue and Rose Malmaison.

In other words, I think we all share the experience of compassion,
and since we are all human is will be quite similar for all of us. Maybe
the same, maybe not. I'm merely saying that it is precisely this
ambiguity that I enjoy.



Jackie Mullen J.Mullen@agora.stm.it

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