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Was Will Sr. Managers Change? LO7180

Yet again Rol concludes an interesting enquiry -into the pros and cons of
functions- with a penetrating insight

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If I apply that thinking to the whole society, I end up wanting an
alternative approach to our challenges in which government, business,
community, and education, all continue to play their functional roles, but
simultaneously recognize their interdependence and their ability to help
each other achieve mutually valuable goals. This feels like a very
powerful approach.

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It sure as H does. Functions, speciaslisms, and professions have made, and
continue to make, a vast contribution to the development of our
organisations, social institutions and understanding of the world. Yet
they become 'chimneys', bastions of self interest and restrictive
traditions which keep organisations, and functions/ professional
institutions themselves stuck.

How do we create functions/ professional institutes which simultaneously
enable the value they contribute yet do not limit by the blinkers of
functional self interest?

Ideas anyone?

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