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Scott concluded a, for me unusually interesting post with

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Now, in 15 minutes and you can figure out how you think (preferred
patterns) and be more observant of the styles of others around you.

Take a guess at Rol's preferred styles and contrast them to If's. Or

Hope that this has been of interest and informative. Apologies for a bit
of thread drift but thinking is an interesting topic. And my preferred
style of Big Chunks has kept me a bit less interested in the details of

The Learning Organization link comes from undersnatning personal styles
and better using the thinking resources already within the organization to
make it more functional. We can take advantage of the diversity of
thinking patterns to better understand each other and to make better and
richer decisions.

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It leads to many reactions.

A. Thanks Scott. To be lumped with Rol and Rick flatters me. I mean it.

B. I think you have reminded us of something profound. I have never 'met'
Rol, or you for that matter, but I believe [hope] that out of paying
respect to each others styles we have produced conversations which helped
this list forward. Believe me [and there are ex colleagues on the list who
I hope will vouch for it] learning the limits of ones style, and modifying
it ain't easy. I have been struggling for five years and am, I hope,
beginning to get an inkling. What helped me was the Margerison McCann Team
Management Index [plain English Myers Briggs for those with other
experience]. For what it is worth I read you and I as similar and Rol and
Rick as much more advanced practitioners of the art of modifying style to
circumstance. I could not 'read' their styles with sufficient precision to
comment and would say both have learnt [more than you or I] to operate
away from our comfort zones.

C. ABSO-expletive deleted-UTELY with you on diversity of thinking styles.

D. My preferred style of big chunks has kept me less interested in the
details of square wheels, but don't worry we'll both get there in the end.

E. Might be a good idea if we owned up to our prefered styles in this
community. Mine is Extrovert, Creative, Beliefs, Flexible in Margerison
McCann Language. I would have to look up the Myers Briggs translation but
I think it is EN something P

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