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Mon, 6 May 1996 16:17:03 -0400

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irt: s_gould@conknet.com (Sherry L. Gould), Sun, May 5, 1996 11:58 PM EST

Sherry commented:

I agree but would go further in that the only behavior I can change is my
own. I must point at me. As I live in that place, those around me see
something different, and some decide to point at themselves. Still,
regardless of what others do, I can only change me.


And I must say I agree completely, yet one should not pass up the
opportunity to be a catalyst for others to change themselves also. If I
understand that your are the only one that can change you, and I am the
only one that can change me, that doesn't preclude me enlisting your
assistance in helping me understand how I need to change.... and in this
endeavor you may uncover ways that you need to change also. Yes, it's
still manipulation, yet for what I consider all the right reasons and
pursued in a nonintrusive fashion.

Gene Bellinger



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