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Sherry L. Gould (s_gould@conknet.com)
Fri, 03 May 1996 20:00:24 -0400

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RE: a student's perspective LO7147

Rol Fessenden said:

>For example, if we are actually so worried about pollution, why is it that
>the largest 'corporate body' polluting the atmosphere is the American
>individual driver?

Thanks for causing me to look at what I am doing as a result of the
vehicle I choose and my driving habits.

>The sooner we get down to recognizing that personal
>responsibility -- beginning with you and me and including everyone else --
>is the key to improving situations, the sooner we stop pointing at
>institutions and start pointing at people, the sooner we will begin to
>make headway on some of these difficult, complex issues.

I agree but would go further in that the only behavior I can change is my
own. I must point at me. As I live in that place, those around me see
something different, and some decide to point at themselves. Still,
irregardless of what others do, I can only change me.

Sherry Gould

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