Training Outside the Box LO7155

Fri, 03 May 96 09:07:53 EST

Replying to LO7135 --

The question is:
> What have you seen that you would consider training
> "outside the box?"

Ignoring the word training as too specific, here's the learning
sources I use regularly:

1) Life -- searching, looking and trying the new/improving the old.

2) This Mail list -- examining all of our preconceptions and hearing
others viewpoints is a learning like no where else.

3) The Library -- as Jim Rohn says -- Everything you need for your
better future and success is already written and in the library. Only
3% of the people in North America have a library card.

4) The People's Network -- ever increasing wealth of information from
the Best of the Best.

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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