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>Not an easy task to get cloth merchants to relate to OO.

Do we (as teachers and as learners) need to get cloth mechants (among =
which I sometimes consult) to relate to OO or do we need to get OO to =
relate to cloth merchants? Is it important that people know the name of =
a field of knowledge or the field itself? Does a psychiatrist say "I'm =
now going to put you through a series of associative tests" during a =
conversation with a new acquaintance, when the point of the conversation =
is to find out which mental models they may share? Does a carpenter =
need to know the derivation of the English measuring system in order to =
use it? =20

And yet, the OO methodologies are derived from the subset of human =
perceptions & intellections based on the mechanics of language as =
extrapolated by mathematics and logic.


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