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> "Do the consequences and interactions work properly universally?"

> I am concerned that our
> truths may become centered on our species and human relationships.

The following comments are reflections on these concerns.

Do You mean that other species should be served by the self-evident
truths? I'm assuming in my response that the concern has to do with
the rest of the world. Now, in regard to the quote above

Well, that's important! Also, if the best treatment of humanity is
considered, then it will include the environment and all of nature.
However, it would do so in a way consistent with health and being
free. Sometimes the reverence and attitude of activists does not
promote everyone's health and opportunity to live. Let me be more
specific. It's easy to imagine animal rights activists disparaging
the behavior of people who do not see things as they do. That's just
one example, and I don't mean to use one group of people as being
notably wrong.

> An additional fear is that the truths will deal with the present. How
> good will it be for me. I'd rather extend the time horizon - what can
> we do now to make things better tomorrow.

There's also another viewpoint that is attentive to the present,
though it may not emphasize self. We live in the present and may not
know about another day. Yet we do know that if we use the city's last
electricity that that will affect others. So even if we're not directly
planning for tomorrow, it makes sense to be frugal where there are

> What is our legacy?

One practical statement for me is

To show reality and possibility in such a manner as to bring freedom
and joy to others, to be active in support where it is my
responsibility, to advance knowledge and make evident the
relationship between a good attitude and good understanding, to have
to give to others.

Have a nice day
John Paul Fullerton


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