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ChRoseW (rwentz@casey.org)
29 Apr 1996 10:02:54 U

Replying to LO7023 --

I agree. I am lucky enough to have such a coach. This is one method I
believe "teaches" leadership. In my agency I am a lower level staff person
at headquarters. I believe I can provide leadership to the entire agency
(especially in my are of expertis.) To do this I must be able to influence
upper managers. My coach is helping me to understand the best methods of
influencing in this organization. I am equally involved by sharing my
experiences and observations about the agency. AND within the coaching
experience I am already having influence on at least one upper manager.

I believe there are some concrete skills and knowledge that can be taught
on how to be a successful leader. In reference to another response to this
discussion: that one must be taught very young to be a leader I have one
question about myself that I cannot answer. Why do I want to be a leader
and usually seek that role in any job I am in? How did I obtain this
attribute? (One that not everyone appears to have.)

Rose Wentz

>But I think there is a way in which leaders and their people can
learn together. If the leader accepts that the follower brings
knowledge and experience which is at least as relevant to the issue
under discussion as that of the leader, they can share their
learning on the basis of valuing each others contributions and
learning from each other.


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