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ChRoseW (rwentz@casey.org)
29 Apr 1996 09:50:24 U

Replying to LO6975 --

>During this conversation, Peter Drucker said something that really struck me.
>It was along those lines:

>"Historically, a country needed 10 to 20 leaders to be effective, a King,
a Fieldmarshall, and so on. Typically these people were brought up,
educated from day one, to become leaders. We're now in a totally different
situation, where thousands of leaders are necessary in our society. This is
unprecedented. We do not know how to teach people to become leaders if we
don't start at the most tender age..."

Did Peter say how people of any age are taught how to be leaders? What was
the basis of his belief that one must be brought up to be a leader? To me
this sounds to "undemocratic" it frightens me as to what the consequences
might be. Hitler was a leader but not one I would choose to lead me. Was
he brought up to be a leader?



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