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Replying to LO6998 --

>Are learning organizations actually learning? Or are we transferring
>knowledge and communicating better?

I would say yes to both. I think of learning as being in part a process of
transferring knowledge (by any means) and of communitcating (it's an
interactive process.

>How do we know Learning Organizations
>are not fads?

Can we ever become a Learning Organization?
Yes. The word "learning" suggests a continuing state, rather than a fixed
state of having arrived at a defined level or "learnedness".

Is it just a philosophy?
No. It is that, but it is also a cultural phenomenon, a way of doing
business, a way of thinking, etc.

> Can we measure learning and link it to organizational success?
Some of it we can measure, but if the learning is as pervasive and as varied
as we think it should be, we would not have time to measure it all, nor
would we have the criteria available to measure it all.


The most important developments will be so obvious that measurement will
not be of critical value.

I sound quite doctrinaire in these answers, but am actually putting ideas
forward for discussion.

Brock Vodden

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