Are Hierarchies All Bad? LO7011

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Sun, 28 Apr 1996 07:59:50

Replying to LO6986 --

>Have you talked about how this process interacts other processes?

At the moment formal amd informal leaders in the organisation are leading
are series of workshops looking at the organisation and the various roles,
responsibilities and interdependencies from three angles

1) within process and closely linked processes using the maps of
inputs/outputs mapped throughout the design phase (100's of people
participated in this) 2) functionally across processes to explore what the
same 'function' does acros the different processes and how they hand-off
to each other 3) cross-functional and cross-process around 'geography' to
see how all the functions and processes come together and interlink to

at the end of this the design R&Rs etc will be reviewed....

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