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On Wed, 24 Apr 96 09:01 Gary Scherling wrote -

> I'll extract from Daniel Burrus' book TECHNOTRENDS:
> Upgrade Technology AND Upgrade People
> Make Rapid Change your best friend
> Change the way people think
> Build a better path to the customer
> Solve Tomorrow's predictable problems today
> and managers have to start
> Leading instead of managing
> Become visionaries
> Focus on Strategy
> Take Risks
> Empower others
> Manage by commitment
> Decide by concensus
> Give acknowledgement, reward and promote by performance

Congratulations on a succinct listing of key elements for success. We have
found that provided with a common sense set of reasons which justify these
elements and a common sense set of specific actions to achieve each, most
executives and managers will change if there is interest by their bosses
in effecting change. Without that impetus, most play the "I was the one
promoted so I must be all right" game.

One caution on gaining consensus. It can easily turn into a least common
denominator endeavor which promotes low standards. Therre must be a boss
who acts as a brake to the process rather than as an accelerator by not
permitting the consensus to compromise standards. Everyone in the group
should have veto power if the chosen solution does not meet high standards
and a single boss over the group must act as the adjudicator of these
objections. This boss must make everyone individually and as a group aware
that the boss will be asking questions over what standards if any have
been sacrificed. (Risk taking is not violation of a standard, but
something which must be encouraged.) There is more to this process of
snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, but this policy corrects a lot
of ills in the process of gaining consensus.

Regards, Joan
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