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Replying to LO6897 --

My words of the original challenge
>>Our categorical imperatives are to encourage human behavior that ... ?

>>Can we fill in the rest of the sentence?

Dr Price challenged
>Bill I challenge you not to get off that easily. Can YOU fill in the rest
>of the sentence - as it occurs to YOU now?

Touche' - - I have thought about these imperatives for a long time and
wished to hear other thoughts first. I placed a challenge and yes, have
an obligation to join the fray. More later--

Dr. Price again
>Personally I do not care if we call these things self-evident truths,
>categorical imperatives, fundamental principles, moral values or little
>green distinctions so long as we share some meaning in the matter.

Yes, emphatically yes! I detected some inclination to discuss the name
and wanted the focus on the content, not on splitting hairs.

My challenge to complete the sentence is intended to try to arrive at a
shared vision of this endeavor. The challenge, in my opinion, is to
derive little green distinctions that guide us to some transcendent goal
or goals. With that in mind let me offer for reflection some goals:

Our categorical imperatives are to encourage human behavior that provides
the next generation, and the next, a world better equipped to support a
richer quality of life for all species. We would have evolution, of
species and civilization, limited only by the natural ability of the solar
system to sustain life.

>From the negative view we wish that when the sun explodes both
roach and human evolution have not been limited by human behavior.

Where is the knowledge that is lost in information?
Where is wisdom that is lost in knowledge?
T. S. Eliot Bill


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