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John Paul Fullerton wrote

>Quick definition of "categorical imperative"
>"Act only according to that maxim [rule] that you would will to be a
>universal law."

Ah ha! We have gone from some categorical imperatives to "The"
categorical imperative. In other words it is 'Do unto others as you would
have them do unto you.'

However, I think, and agree that Rol and If are asking for a broader set
of statements that are easier to understand and act on.

And another John wrote

Snip here, please read the original it's a great reflection.

>> If we have left a pleasant
>> memory, the likelihood is that we will have reinforced a positive
>> relationship that will continue to be mutually beneficial in the future.
>> If we have created an unhappy memory, we will likely have reinforced a
>> relationship that will be mutually problematic.

I opine that there is more to categorical imperatives for our civilization
than human relationships. We have relationships to the land, our
descendants and other species to address.

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Where is wisdom that is lost in knowledge?
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