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> >I agree with much of what you are saying, Fred. And that is why I try to
> >use a more experiential approach where possible when addressing the issue
> >of leadership. Perhaps it is a question not of "teaching" leadership, but
> >of creating situations within which people can learn about the impact of
> >their actions on others and themselves.
> Well put Tobin. I have discussed with leadership workshop participants
> the issue of "impact awareness" and like you find this process much more
> valuable than trying to "teach" leadership. I often refer to the
> Parent-Teacher (P-T) leadership example that the majority are exposed to
> for a long period of time before taking on a leading role themselves.

We believe that leadership can be taught if you can succinctly
provide what it is and why it is necessary. We believe that what we
teach as leadership is the only effective way to manage people and
have a full set of reasons why this is true and other ways are not

If one wants to teach leadership, one must also have a set of
specific actions which any boss can use to lead people and these
actions must not be dependent on a boss' personality, position or
level of experience. They must make a lot of common sense in order to
be readily accepted by executives and managers.

In our experience, the vast majority of bosses can be taught to be
effective at leading their subordinates to be highly productive,
highly committed, highly creative self-starters who love to come to
work and are 300% more productive than if poorly motivated.

If you aren't skeptical about this, I would be surprised.

Regards, Joan
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